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Help, I Can't Seem To Get My Butt Plug To Stay In

Dear Bondage Brittney

I'm trying to make my ass more receptive to anal sex. One of the things I'm trying in order to make this happen is too get use to wearing a buttplug for a certain amount of time. The problem is that the butt plug keeps wanting to pop out when I try to walk around. I need to do other thing during my days or evening, so I can't just spend 4 or 5 hours a day lounging about. I have also tried putting it in before going to bed, but with-in a few hours, I wake up and guess what, it has popped out. What can I do to get it to stay in ?


Follow-up Information: Unbuttplugged is using a small buttplug


Dear Unbuttplugged

Usually this occurs because of one of two problems. Either too small of a butt plug or too much lube.

Now of course, when it comes to anal sex, I prefer too much lube rather than not enough. The anal cavity is a very delicate place and so in order to prevent unpleasant things, it is always wise to never insert anything sharp, always make sure all edges of toys used anally are dull and rounded. Also, the anal cavity can absorb moisture, so it is always best to use oil based lubricants as these will not absorb easily and thus will keep thing lubed up during play. During anal sex or play, thrusting motions will cause some lube to spread out and thus thin out, so during longer sessions, it is always wise to re-lube once in a while.

The other reason for this problem can actually be caused by too small of a butt plug.  In this case, you have two options, either a bigger plug or something to help hold it in. As hard as it is to believe, some people naturally can easily handle a larger butt plug. Maybe in your case, you should try moving up to a medium sized plug. If you can retain it for a period of time without experiencing cramps, your problem is solved. If not, then your solution might be going back to the small butt plug, but instead, try using something to hold it in. Obviously, what I'm suggesting is a butt plug harness, which they sell here at BDSM Store, you can find them here - Butt Plug Harnesses . Butt Plug Harnesses are designed specifically for holding the butt plug in. Some are designed for men and some for women. Another option is also to wear a tight fitting thong to hold it in and yet another wonderful idea is too use a crotch rope, which for women can also provide added stimulation and sexual arousal as the rope rubs against the clitoris.

One other thing about butt plugs. Not all butt plugs are properly designed. A properly designed butt plug will taper out from the top and then back in again and have a thin neck about an inch long. The base will be flared out quite a bit to prevent it from possibly slipping up and inside you. The thin neck will allow you sphincter muscles to close somewhat around the neck so that they can relax and make it easier to retain the plug. 

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed are solely that of the author and are not necessarily the views and opinions of the BDSM Store. Any advice given  should not be relied upon for any legal or medical purpose or fact. BDSM Store does not accept any liability for the advice given.



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