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Ballet Boot Hell - Initiation Day  Part I
A True Story by Amy

Involves: Maledom - Extreme High Heel Training - Waist Restriction - Bondage


I am usually up early every morning. But before coffee, before breakfast, before anything in the morning, I have to have my shower. This sunny but cool spring Sunday was no different. By 7am I was sitting on the couch enjoying my cup of coffee and the morning newspaper. Jim my boyfriend was still asleep, but I knew he would be rising soon since he was going to one of the early season baseball games with his buddy, Scott. I told him the night before that my Sunday was going to be spent at home. Maybe doing a little housework, maybe a little work on my garden, maybe a little laundry. Since I had such a long stressful week though, I was not planning on doing anything but spending time by myself relaxing.

Around 8am, I heard the shower go on and so I knew he was up and moving. I fixed him some breakfast so that he could eat when he was through with his shower. Shortly after I heard the shower shut off, Jim called me upstairs to the bedroom. I told him Iíd be there in a minute as I was just finishing his breakfast.

I set his plate on the table along with a nice hot cup of coffee and went up stairs to see what he needed.  As I entered the room, he grabbed me from behind and wrestled me onto the bed. Very quickly, he locked my hands behind my back with a pair of stainless steel double lock handcuffs. Being locked in handcuffs is nothing new for me. Jim and I have enjoyed a lot of bondage, bdsm and fetish play over the 3 years we have been together.

Quickly he shoved a purple ball gag in my mouth to muffle my protests which at this point were more for show than anything as I was excited about getting in a little sexual fun in before he went off the baseball game. Next he removed my sweat pants and the thong panties I had on. I became a little angry when he grabbed a pair of scissors and cut off my t-shirt. It was one of my favorites and at this point, I would have gladly allowed him to unlock just one cuff so that I could remove it. He pulled me to my feet and stood me up facing the wall. He then wrapped around me a black patent leather and lace trimmed corselet, that I had bought for myself a while ago. I hadnít worn it much because I felt I need to lose a few pounds for it to fit perfect. Lacing it up, Jim pulled it tight until both sides met in the middle of my back. I was cinched really tight as it compressed my mid section to an hour glass shape. My waist must have been cinched 4 inches smaller. The top of the corset had straps attached to a choker style collar piece that helped prevent my boobs from spilling out.  Next, Jim put on me a pair of black latex skintight crotch-less pants and finally he produced a black leather bondage hood with eye and mouth openings and a 4 inch black leather locking posture collar. He removed the ball gag, stretched the hood over my head and laced it up. He secured the posture collar around my neck. This held my neck straight and tall and prevented me from moving my head up or down. I was able to move side to side just a little bit. The leather hood was very tight once it was laced up and molded to the contours of my face. In fact everything on me now from my head to my toes made my body feel tightly incased. Once again he forced the purple ball gag back into my mouth. He then positioned me so that I was reclined on the bed.

I could hear him in the closet and figured he was selecting a pair of high heeled boots or shoes to complete my outfit.  Jim loves it when I wear high heels. It makes him really horny and so I wear them as often as possible and have quite a collection. I have mostly 3 and 4 inch heels and a couple of pairs of 5 inch heels. I have several pair of ankle boots and calf boots and a pair of black patent thigh-highs like Julia Roberts wore in the movie ďPretty WomanĒ. I figured those were the ones he would select since everything I was wearing was either shiny black latex or shiny black patent leather.

I was really shocked when he came out of the closet with a shoe box that I didnít recognize. He opened it up and pulled out a pair of black patent thigh high ballet boots with extremely high heels. These thigh high boots had 9 inch heels. I have seen a few pictures of women standing in these, I even saw a women walking in ballet boots once. They looked sexy, but I always figured that no woman would really wear these things out, or spend more than a minute or two standing in them. The video I saw only showed the girl walking a short distance and from the extremely high heel, I figured that was about all she could manage.

Jim put them on my feet and laced them up. With them on, my feet were held at such a severe angle that my feet and legs felt and looked like merely sticks. It created one single straight line from the tips of my toes all the way to my waist.

Jim then leaned me up into a sitting position and pulled my elbows together securing them with a second pair of stainless steel double locking hand cuffs. With my arms pulled back and till my elbow almost touched, my boobs wanted to pop out of the corset even more. He then removed the pair of hand cuffs on my wrists and replaced them with black locking rubber fist mittens. For those of you who havenít seen these, you make a fist and they slip over your fist and secure around your wrist. When secured, you can not open your hand up. Your hands are essentially held into the shape of a ball. The rubber is thick, so even if you can open them up a little bit, you are not able to hold or grab anything. Your hands are really useless. Jim then removed the handcuffs binding my elbow together. Although I was more comfortable being able to freely move my arms, it wasnít much good because I couldnít grab anything with my hands.

So here I was in a skin tight leather hood, purple ball gag, tightly cinched black patent leather corselet, skin tight latex panties and wearing thigh high black patent ballet boots with 9 inch heels. Oh, and with useless hands at the ends of my arms. Jim then looked at his watch and said that he better get a move on it since he has to be at his friend Scotts house in 20 minutes to go to the game. With that he told me that there was a towel draped over the edge of the tub in case I need to go to the bathroom. He also said that he would be leaving a large glass of water on the counter with a straw in it so I could get a drink if I needed it. Just then is dawned on me, he is going to the game and leaving me like this. Oh my god, heís going to leave me like this for 4-5 hours?  Sure enough he is going to leave me like this, but not for 4 or 5 hours, he said that he didnít expect to be back till 4-5pm, so it will be more like 7 or 8 hours.

During that time, I will have to learn how to get around in the ballet boots. The towel draped over the tub is in case I need to wipe myself after peeing because he figured I might have to go a couple of times. The ball gag will keep me silent, but I will have to work hard to get the straw around it and into my mouth to get a drink.

He also told me that he wanted to make sure I didnít lie around in bed or on the couch all day. So he set his webcam up to take pictures on the hour and half hour beginning at 11am and so that meant I had two hours to learn how to stand in these 9 inch heels. The webcam would transmit the picture it takes at each interval to his cell phone and if I was not standing pretty for him at each interval, then I would have to stay in the ballet boots not just while he was gone, but until Monday morning.  

He then grabbed me and began rubbing my soaked pussy and quietly said that he loved his ballet booted little bitch and that he hoped I enjoyed my day by myself. A moment later after I heard the door click, I knew it was time for me to learn not just how to stand in ballet boots, but that today, I would learn to become good at walking in them.

End of Part I




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