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A Long Weekend It Will Be
A True Story by Slaveboy

Involves: Femdom - Sensory Deprivation - Heavy Bondage - Discovery Humiliation - Anal Sex


It was Friday, the end of the workweek, and I had been working like a dog all day long. It had been a terrible week and so I was looking forward to the end of it. It seemed like if anything could go wrong, it did. My wife, Alexis had been patient all week and had been wonderful putting up with what had been a constant bad mood. I figured that over the weekend I would have to repay her for that by doing some of the things she wanted done around the house and taking her out for a nice quiet romantic dinner. The only consolation from my bad week was that, luckily for me, I worked out of our house. I have a nice basement office with all the amenities, my office, a wetbar, a big screen TV. So, at least, I would not have to deal with rush hour traffic to get home and escape the hell of my work week. I simply would have to shut off the lights and close the door to my office, leaving it all until next Monday.

At about 4:30pm, my wife sent me an instant message from her computer upstairs and asked how late I would be working. I told I had a couple of calls left to make and an e-mail or two to take care of, so I would be done at 5:00pm. She said she was going to pick up around the house and would plan on seeing me come up from my office around 5 o’clock. Usually this meant that whatever the plan was for dinner, it would take place starting at 5:00pm, so I knew that at 5:00, I would need to call it a day.

As I made my calls and answered my e-mails I could hear her moving about the house. After my telephone calls, I started typing out a couple of e-mails and as I was finishing the last one, I noticed that she didn’t appear to be moving about. I looked at the clock and it was exactly 5:00pm. I quickly finished my e-mail, sent it, shut off the lights and walked out of my office.

I headed up the stairs to the main floor. When I came up stairs to the main floor, all was quiet, and then I heard my wife making some noise in our upstairs master bedroom. Leaving my bad mood in the office, I hollered out “Honey, I’m home”. She chuckled and told me to come upstairs. I climbed the stairs to the second floor and walked into our master bedroom. She was in the bathroom. I asked her what the plan was for dinner. She asked if I was starving and I said not really, I had eaten a big lunch. She was ok with that because she wasn’t ready for dinner yet.

Looking at a couple of things laid out on the counter, I looked back at her. She told me that she wanted me to shave, take a shower. Alexis picked up a pair of electric clipping shears from the counter and handed them to me. Before my shower, she also wanted me to trim up the hair around Willy. Willy was her name for my dick. She also pointed to some new shower products she wanted me to use. One was a liquid soap, the other a shampoo. The third was a body splash that she said I should use just before getting out of the shower. I sniffed it and noticed it had a strong vanilla musk smell. Looking at my reaction, she said not to worry; it wouldn’t be that strong after a few minutes, and walked out of the bathroom closing the door.

After about 30 minutes, I was done shaving, showering and trimming Willy. I opened the door to emerge from the bathroom and there, sitting on the edge of the bed, was Alexis. She stood up and felt my nice smooth face. She then stood back and looked down, inspecting my pubic region, especial the crew cut look of my pubic hair. She then walked around me and pulled my arms back behind me. Moments later, I felt the cold steel of a pair of thick metal handcuffs encircle my wrists. A smile came across my face as I thought to myself, what a wonderful way to put a crappy week behind me - some kinky sex! A moment later, she grabbed the chair from her make-up table and pulled me back so that I sat down in it.
She was fiddling around behind me and then suddenly my face was enclosed in a black leather hood with openings for my eyes and my mouth. Immediately I felt the hood tighten to conform to my head as she pulled the laces in back tight all the way down to my neck. Now, someone else might panic, but my wife and I had enjoyed some of the more kinky styles of sexual play for years and so I did not resist, although I did wonder where the hood had come from - it wasn’t anything we currently had. I figured that while I was focused all week on my work, she must have been doing some shopping at one of the online sex toy stores. A few seconds later she held out in front of me a bizarre-looking collar. It was a 4 inch posture collar made of bright red patent leather. She pulled the collar around my neck. Because it was so tall, it forced my neck to stretch upward and held my head firm. I tried to look down, but with how tight it was holding my neck, I was not able to neither look down nor really move my head from side to side. In back, she put something that felt like a large pen or marker up against my neck. She then pulled the buckle tight, which was very easy for her because of the collar's roller buckle. After she buckled it, she pulled out whatever it was that was against my neck. In a very confident tone, Alexis said, “there, tight enough to strictly hold your neck, but just loose enough that you won’t be strangled”.

Immediately, I noticed the huge amount of confidence her voice carried and how in-control it sounded. In a split second, my excitement went through the ceiling. I wasn’t sure what to say and my mind raced searching for something to say. Just as I was about to say something, Alexis simply said, “Be quiet.” I started again to mumble something and she smacked my leather-covered head and said “I told you to be quiet.” Just then I felt her attach and lock a padlock onto the back of the collar. My mind raced some more at how confident and strict her voice sounded. I had always been about being dominated by a female. My wife and I had tried this sort of thing before, but she never seemed to have that seriously dominant tone about her before this. Without thinking I spoke, saying that I had never heard her talk all dominant and controlling before. She immediately stopped me and said, “I told you to keep quiet. Obviously, you just can’t follow my orders.” Grabbing the front of my head, she pulled it back on it. Of course, locked tightly into the posture collar, it didn’t go far, but it was enough to allow her to force a large rubber–coated, locking, red ball gag into my mouth. Letting my head go, she quickly fastened the buckle and pulled it tight behind my leather covered head. As she pulled it tight, it forced the ball deep into my mouth till it was seated just behind my teeth. She wasted no time before placing another padlock on the ball gag. I heard her take a deep breath and them she said “I guess, until you learn to obey and only speak when told, you will have to remain gagged.” With a very devilish laugh she continued, “You can try to speak all you want, but no one will be able to make out whatever it is you are trying to say. I don’t care if you grunt, moan or scream - and you will scream tonight, for sure, my dear”

She then grabbed my arm and pulled it upward, motioning me to stand up. I did just what she wanted and stood up. She pulled the chair back and sat down in it. She then pushed me forward so that I was bent over. Next I felt her fastening something around one of my hands. She told me to make a fist so she could get these rubber fist mitts on me. As I balled my hand into a fist she pulled the mitt over it. Once it covered my hand, she buckled it and proceeded to slide the other mitt over my other hand. I felt the click as she attached padlocks to each of them and then, holding my wrist together, clicked a third padlock closed. The fist mitts have thick leather padding and, once my hand was inside, it was unable to open from the fist position. I tried using one hand to feel the other but I could not even notice the touch of my fingers. Alexis then removed the handcuffs that had been holding my hands obediently behind my back.

As a final touch, my wife stood up and fastened a pair of heavy buckling elbow restraint cuffs around my upper arms. Grabbing the D ring on each cuff she pulled my elbows together and attached a double snap hook between them, so that my elbows were only about two inches apart. I had seen girls with there elbows tied together before, but for a guy, this just is not quite that easy. My shoulders were in pain and I grunted through the ball gag showing my discomfort. Alexis once again laughed in that devilish tone and simply said, “Quite helpless, my little one, aren’t we?”

Turning me around, she ordered me to kneel at the side of the chair. Once kneeling, she moved the chair a bit and then, from behind, pushed me forward so that I was bent over it. Using her legs, she kicked at the inside of my thighs, motioning me to spread my legs wider apart. At this point, I became very aware of how helpless and at her mercy I was. I sat wondering if this was going too far, and felt a slick finger trying to push it way into my anus. After a mere second, it slid inside, probing me for a short bit. Alexis removed her finger and then I felt the cool touch of a flex rubber vibrator at the entrance of my hole. As Alexis pushed it, there was no fighting it. It slid in. She said to me, “It will be better for you if you don’t fight it. I’m going to thrust it back-and-forth until all 8 inches of it is in you” Bent over the chair, my erection was suddenly rock hard and Alexis noticed. As she thrust the vibrator in and out, she gently stroked my rock-hard cock. Laughing, she said that it was nice to see that I found having my ass fucked enjoyable. After another few minutes, she stopped thrusting the vibrator and said that she knew it would only a few minutes for my greedy ass to take in the whole 8 inches. “Looks like maybe you are more akin to being fucked rather than being the fucker. Who knew you were such a little ass whore?” Alexis said. All her dominant-speak was really doing a number on my head. I had always imagined what it would be like if she ever got the dominant thing down pat. I just never thought she would. Don’t get me wrong, though; I loved the thought of being command by my wife and being treated as her little submissive slut. I also loved the idea of her having, no taking, such control over me. Although I was a little unsure at this point, the feeling was very exhilarating.

After removing the vibrator, I felt something else being pushed at my anus. Alexis told me to just relax, it was only a butt plug. It wasn’t just any butt plug though, it was a black medium vibrating butt plug that inflated, called the wonder plug. Se pushed it in a bit and I thought it was going to split me. She let it slide back out and then pushed it hard into my ass, my rectum was forced open wide to accept the wide flare of the plug and then in an instant, my rectum closed around the narrow end. Now my sphincter muscle was gripping the narrow base tight. I’m sure it was a natural reaction for those muscle to hold onto it, hoping to prevent being stretched wide open again. Alexis commented on how tight my ass was holding the plug. “I guess we won’t have to worry about that butt plug falling out. Alexis took the controller for the butt plug and looped it over the connector holding the elbow-restraint cuff together.

Grabbing me by the elbow cuff connector, Alexis helped me to my feet. She then said that it was time for her little submissive to lose his sense of sight and put a large black adjustable-disk blindfold over the eye openings of the leather hood. As she fastened the blindfold, she noticed the drool that had accumulated on the floor while I was bent over the chair. Laughing, she said that, with the amount of drool, we certainly didn’t have to worry about the slave needing anything to drink or having dry mouth. Grabbing a towel from the bathroom, Alexis mopped up the drool. She turned me around and stood back for a second. “Boy, you look so helpless and, as helpless as you are, maybe I shouldn’t have all the fun. Maybe I should invite some of my girlfriends over and let them gang fuck you in the ass all night long,” Alexis said. I was mortified and excited at the same time by the thought.

Alexis then attached a leash to the front of the strict posture collar hold my head high and pulled me toward the doorway of the master bedroom. She led down the hall to the stairs. At the top of the stairs, she told me that the edge was just two feet forward. As I neared the edge of the stairs, I felt for it with my foot until I found it. Slowly she led me down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs is our front entryway. The entryway for our front door has a small reception area and then leads into our great room, which is the modern equivalent of a family room. At the edge of the reception area was an oversized ottoman. She walked me around to one side of it and told me to lie on my stomach on the ottoman. As I started to lie down on it, Alexis pushed me forward slightly, holding onto my arms so that, when I came to rest, the main part of my torso was on the ottoman and my head was hanging slightly off the edge.
A moment later, Alexis attached something between my legs that held them spread apart, much like a bondage spreader bar. She put each of my legs in the restraints cuffs attached to the ends of the bar and then locked the cuffs with padlocks. She lifted the bar up off the floor, folding my legs up so that the heels of my feet almost touch my butt. She then grabbed my leather fist mitt hands and pulled them until I arched my back and my arms met the bar. The spreader bar was actually an adjustable bondage stocks spreader bar and my arms were fitted into a pair of cuffs in the center of the stocks. She closed the cuffs around my arms, which took a little effort because she had to hold me in my arch at the same time. Once she had each cuff on, she again locked the cuffs with small padlocks.

I was now a hogtied prisoner of whatever diabolical idea she had. She then took a 3 inch leather bondage strap and fed it under the ottoman and across my back. She buckled the two ends and pulled it tight so that I was secured to the ottoman. There was no chance I would fall off. Taking a leather bondage tie down strap, she fastened one end to one of the crossed laces of my hood and then pulled it back toward the bondage stocks. She could not pull my head back far because of the tight posture collar, but she was able to pull it back enough that, given the arch of my back, my head was held at a 45 degree angle to the floor.

Stepping back, she admired her work. Alexis said out loud in her devilish tone “Now that is what I call some really strict bondage.” She chuckled slightly and said that now she had to go get ready. I head her walk away and head up the stairs. As she did I was quickly terrified. Go get ready, I thought. What the heck has she got planned? I hope her girlfriends are not really coming over. God, how would I ever face any of them again if that were what Alexis had planned for tonight? Being submissive to a bunch of women would be fun, but then I would feel so humiliated in front of them at any other group get-together afterwards. What would be even more difficult would be hiding the humiliation that I would surely feel in front of the guys, because the guys would probably never know a thing about it; only the girls would know. As I lay there, the strain set in, my muscles began to ache more and more. I only hoped that either Alexis would come down and release me from this extreme bondage position or, if she didn’t pretty soon, that the aches would start to subside and my arms and back muscles would go numb.

I was grunting to deal with the pain when Alexis came back down the stairs after about 30 minutes. It sounded like she was turning on or off lights and as she moved about, it also sounded as if she was wearing high heels. Her heels made that distinctive clicking sound as she walked around the house. After a couple of minutes, she walked over to me. “I have turned off all the lights except for the recessed light over you. That one I just dimmed down to cast a nice dim glow over my bound up slave” She said as she grabbed the control to the vibrating butt plug. She played with the controller and started the butt plug vibrating. It started softly humming in my ass. She then turned it up a little more and then put the control down between my elbows again. “I better inflate this a little bit so it doesn’t accidentally pop out,” she said as she gave the bulb four pumps. The butt plug inflated inside me once again, forcing my sphincter to clinch down on the base of the plug and my insides to feel like they were being forced open very wide.

Alexis stood back and speaking very dominant tone, said “Well that ought to do it. It’s about 7:30. I’m going to go out for a nice dinner with the girls and have a few cocktails. If we get a little buzzed, I might tell them how I have left you here all bound up with your ass getting trained to be fucked. I might also offer to let them come back with me and have some fun using my little submissive slut. The batteries for the butt plug are brand new and so they should last quite a while. I hope that, by the time I get back, you will be ready to be my obedient little submissive and your ass will be ready to be fucked. In the meantime, you should really think about how, next time you’re having a bad week, maybe you shouldn’t neglect your Mistress so much. Oh, and should anybody happen to stop by tonight, they will be able to see you perfectly from the front door. I hope you have fun and enjoy yourself. I will be back later”. With that, Alexis walked out the door and I heard her car start up and back out of the garage. The garage door closed and, after about 5 minutes, I knew she had really left me here while she went to have dinner with her girlfriends.


To be continued.





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